Standard vs. Custom Print Products

On we categorize our work into two groups, standard products, and custom products. This will help you understand the differences and which product is the best fit for you.

Standard Products:

To make comparing prices and ordering as easy as possible we've listed our most popular items for purchase online. From our Shop page, you can view all of our standard products, all available paper and print options, get immediate pricing, and order instantly. If your project fits the scope of one of our standard products, then ordering online is the fastest, easiest option. 

Standard Product Pros:

  • Can be ordered online 24/7
  • Pricing available instantly
  • Easily see your order history and re-order

Standard Product Cons:

  • Limited to available products, print methods, paper, and quantity

Custom Products:

Custom products open a world of options and possibilities not available with standard products. With custom products, you can choose and combine many different print methods, supply your own glass bottles or vessels, and see your vision become reality as we work with you to achieve a successful end result. Of course, larger projects with more options will take more time to provide estimates and job details. Samples may need to be sent back and forth, die's made, and so forth. For those reasons, custom work will generally take longer than standard products. To get your project started fill out our simple Estimate Request Form.

Custom Product Pros:

  • Tons of options, not limited as Standard Products are
  • Supply your own glass vessels/bottles for screen printed jobs
  • A more hands-on ordering process

Custom Product Cons:

  • Usually longer job timeline

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